0.6 Quality Standards


Refer to these Quality Standards and Top Five Guidelines as you design your course with OES:

CCE Online Course Review Standards AY 17-18

  1. Organization Matters
    • Separate material into modules
    • Each module should contain Resources and Activities
    • Use a consistent structure throughout the course
  2. Naming Conventions Matter
    • Label and assignment titles should match the name of their link
    • Use consistent numbering throughout the course
    • An object should have the same name in every location throughout the course
  3. Visuals Matter
    • Include visuals where possible in your course content
    • Explore infographics, charts, graphs, maps, etc.
    • Use metadata to explain the purpose of your visuals
  4. Variety Matters
    • Consistency in organization is important, but variety keeps your students engaged!
  5. Everything in the course has one best place to live!
    • Avoid linking the same object in multiple places
    • Remember: Consistent placment generates course organizational logic
    • This will make maintenance of your course simpler for you and OES

To read more on these principles, explore the Top 5 Universal Course Design Guidelines expanded document.


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