3.4 Record Course Tour Video

Record a course tour to introduce your site to your students.

checkbox  Take a look at the examples and decide how you want to record your course tour video. 

Example 1: Recorded in Studio D (Rarig Center, West Bank)

Example 2: Recorded in Studio Lil' d (20 Coffey Hall, St. Paul)

Example 3: Record on your own

checkbox  Prepare your outline

Moodle: Instructor Course Tour Outline (File > Make a copy)

Canvas: Course Tour Outline (File > Make a copy)

Note - if you are recording your course tour video in studio, you need to write a script. We have a teleprompter in both studios that you can use to read from as we record your course tour video. Use the Course Tour Outline as a guide for your script. 

checkbox  Record your video on your own and upload it to YouTube (refer to the Record Your Course Tour Video guide for help), or schedule your recording in the studio with Media Team: 

Greg: stein995@umn.edu

Jill: zimme391@umn.edu